Please see this documentation for proper field desciptions.

username (must be unique within this system)
password (must not be empty)
retype password (must be equal to password field above)
domain (used to identify which account a key is associated with)
email (will not be checked, if valid...)
seed (the TOTP will be generated out of this, the longer the better!)
seedhex (tick this, if the seed value is a hex value!)
period (in seconds, either 30s or 60s are supported)
trim (in seconds, to correct problems with your server time.)

Additional fields

Some features defined in the RFC are not used yet in Google Autheticator.


OPTIONAL: The algorithm may have the values:

SHA1 (Default)


OPTIONAL: The digits parameter may have the values 6 or 8, and determines how long of a one-time passcode to display to the user. The default is 6.


Defines a period that a TOTP code will be valid for, in seconds. The default value is 30.
The period parameter is no longer ignored by the Google Authenticator implementations.


This value is for "trimming" the time of the server. It can be positive or negative and is used if you can't change the server's time settings.

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