DEMO - RFC 6238 for Time-Based One-Time Passwords

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Th1s websites demonstrates an implementation of the RFC 6238 for time-based one-time passwords. You can check your generated TOTP with the Google Authenticator App or with HDE OTP Generator.

Signup and create your own TOTP Seed
Recreate the QR-code (if you missed it before)
Display your unique time-based one-time password
See the login demo implementation

QR-Code missing :-(
Generate a QR Code with free text

Check out the Google Authenticator Documentation for more information


BASE32 Implementation in PHP by NTICompass/Eric Siegel aka Rocket Hazmat
QR-code generator in PHP by deltalab/Dominik Dzienia
A function implementing the algorithm outlined in RFC 6238 by Pete Walker
NTP Time Synchronization Script by Tony Bhimani

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